It starts here.

It’s got to start somewhere.

This blog has been a long time coming. The most recent inspiration for it came about a month ago, but the purpose behind the blog has been here for much longer. Figuring out how to start is hard, but I finally realized that you just have to pick a time and do it. And so, on June 25, I begin this blog–with this post.

I need a forum in which I can share some of my life experiences, my life story. Now, don’t get the wrong idea in your head: Wow, this guy is full of himself. Does he really think that I need to hear anything he has to say?” I’m not saying that at all. Whether you, dear reader, or anyone else needs to hear it, I need to share it. After all, my story is all that I have. That’s all any of us have. Our experiences shape us, invariably. We help determine how they shape us by our response, but there’s no doubt our history contributes to who we are and how we view the world. I’m no one special, but I have been a party to some pretty amazing experiences in my 36 years. And through those happenings, I’ve learned valuable lessons. Some of those will only be helpful to me, and maybe to my family. But some of those life lessons may help, or encourage, or reassure, or even warn someone else. So I need to put them out there. If you just enjoy a good story, fine. But if you find something here you can use, even better.

So, a little about me.I’ve been married to my beautiful, awesome wife Laura for twelve and a half years (big story coming about that). We have four incredible, delightful daughters (big story about that, too). We are originally from Georgia, but we now reside in the great state of Texas (another big story…I can already see I’m going to be busy here). I work on the staff of a church as a worship leader. If you’re not familiar with what that is, it might sound strange or mystical or super-spiritual. All it means is, when our church family gets together to worship God, I get to lead that. I love it. And I’m sure there will be some stories about it.

So I hope you’ll bookmark this blog, or follow it, or like it, or whatever it is one does to blogs; I don’t really know yet. And as time goes on, I hope you’ll get in touch with me through your comments and messages and maybe your own blog and tell me about your story. Whatever your perspective on the world, I’m guessing you agree that we humans need connection and communication and each other’s support now more than ever. Because of preoccupation with my own life and my doubt and fear of sharing, I’ve been far too complacent for far too long about reaching out to help and serve others. Not that this is a huge leap forward. Me, just a guy, starting a blog to reach out to others is a small step.

But, I keep reminding myself, it is a step.

After all…It’s got to start somewhere.


  1. I look forward to hearing all those stories you’ve mentioned, especially the one where God brought you to the great state of Texas. As one that was blessed to be born here, I like seeing how others get here! By the way, after Texas, my favorite state is Georgia…part of my heart is still there in the lives of my family (friends that are like family)!!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Marlene. I’m not sure how long it will take, but I’ll get to that part of the story, Lord willing! Of course we love Georgia, too, and we’re glad we met you there!

  2. I love your title! And so glad you’re doing this, it’s going to be a great blessing to lots of people. Love you Clay
    God bless!!

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