For Your Encouragement

Not long ago, I talked with a friend about a problem I was facing. I shared the situation and that I was concerned about it. His response surprised me:

“Reading your blog and looking at your Facebook, it looks like you have the perfect life.”

That comment knocked me upside the head. Now, I think he said it with some degree of sarcasm. (He actually typed it, so you know how it is…hard to tell.) But it got me thinking. Is that what I convey by my writing?

I do seek to be encouraging–I started to say inspirational, but encouraging is a better fit–through my posts. And I a really am blessed with an amazing wife and kids, and I love to share about our life together and the things they say and do.

But I get that those kinds of posts don’t encourage everyone. I remember a friend I once worked with talking about a radio morning show hosted by a husband and wife. She said, “They’re always calling each other ‘sweetie” and talking about their kid and their family life and I can’t stand it. I never listen to that station anymore.”


So, in the interest of full(er) disclosure, I’d like to share some very real, not-so-encouraging things about my life:

–My desk is a mess right now.

–The AC in my truck keeps going out, and we haven’t found the problem yet. In Texas, in August, that is not encouraging at all.

–I’m having a hard time losing weight.

–I love people, but it doesn’t seem there are enough hours in the day to keep up with my family and friends like I want to.

–Sometimes I drink out of the milk jug, even though my sweet wife asks me not to. (I promise if you come over I will never serve you milk I drank from…I hope.)

–I love reading, but sometimes I find it easier to turn on some mind-numbing tv show.

–Some mornings, I don’t read my Bible.

–I wish I were more organized.

–Sometimes I don’t think before I say things to my wife, or our daughters, or our friends. I ALWAYS regret that.

–There’s too much month left over at the end of the money more often than I’d like.

–Friends and family who we have trusted and loved have said and done things to my family that we never expected, things that are very difficult to get past.

–I sometimes say things or act in ways to others that they probably never expected, leaving them with hurt that is very difficult to get past.

–Laura and I haven’t had a real date night in I don’t know how long.

–I sometimes pay more attention to my phone than my family.

–Sometimes I wonder if I’m really making a difference.

–Some nights, I lie awake and wonder what to do next.

–Some mornings, I’d just rather sleep in.

So there you have it. My life is far from perfect. And in spite of that, I can still write blogs about my incredible family, or post hilarious things that our kids say, or share pictures of all of us smiling and laughing. Because despite all of the really lousy and depressing things in my life, God has blessed us with more than I can shake a stick at. And you know what?

That’s encouraging.