Reach for It

My glasses broke years ago. I wear contacts, but until I put them in the mornings, I was unable to see anything. I finally got a new pair of glasses a few months back. Yet I still find myself squinting up my eyes in the mornings, trying to read, or see Laura and the girls, or see my phone. I spent so much time without my glasses, that I keep forgetting to reach for them and put them on.

That got me thinking: we do this all the time. We have a problem, and there’s a friend who could really help, but we don’t reach for the phone to call. We need some support or love or friendship, but we don’t reach for a hand or a hug from those who care most. We need God’s guidance, but we don’t reach for the Bible that may be sitting on that same nightstand with our unused glasses.

What do you need today? Chances are, all you need to do is reach for it.

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