Dream Bigger (than You)

Do you have a big dream that isn’t going to happen?

Last night, we read I Chronicles 22 during our family devotion time. In previous chapters, we saw that King David had a big dream: to build a temple for God’s presence to dwell in, and for His people to worship Him. David didn’t like that he was living in a luxurious cedar house while the Ark of the Covenant resided in a tent–a very nice and expensive tent, but a tent nonetheless.

David talked to Nathan, the man of God, about this big dream (Chapter 17), and Nathan said, “Go for it! God is with you.” Sounds good, right? David is a man after God’s heart, he wants to build God a temple for His glory…great plan! The only problem was Nathan hadn’t actually asked God. That night, God told Nathan that David was not to build him a house, but David’s son Solomon would get to build one. God also adds that He will establish and bless David’s household forever.

Game over. Dream over. David’s big, humongous dream would never come true. Instead, the honor goes to someone else. So how does David respond?

As soon as David gets the news, he gives thanks. He goes to God and thanks Him for the good news that God is blessing and establishing the House of David. And he never shows any disappointment or bitterness over his shattered dream.

The next thing he does is what our family read about in Chapter 22…God said David couldn’t build the temple, but He never said David couldn’t prepare for its building. So David set aside over 7.5 million pounds of gold, more than 75 million pounds of silver, more iron and bronze than anyone could even measure, plus tons and tons of timber and stone. And then he told Solomon, “Here’s almost everything you need. Now get to work!”

Maybe you have a dream to do something great. Our world tells us to go for it, to never give up. But what if you weren’t given the dream in order to fulfill it; what if your part is to help prepare for it? If it’s a big dream, then  doesn’t it make sense that it may be bigger than just one person? And if it’s a worthwhile dream, does it really matter if we see it through…or is it enough for us to play our part?

Maybe today you have a dream that needs to be handed over to someone else. Perhaps you’ve taken it as far as you can, and it’s time to allow another the opportunity to complete it. If so, don’t hold back–hand off to that person everything you’ve done so far to make the dream come true.

And if you’re just beginning to dream a big dream, and someone else comes along to invest in you and what you’re doing, don’t turn them away in an attempt to do it all on your own, your way, with all of the credit.

Because if you can do it on your own, your way, with all of the credit, is it really a big dream?

Or is it just your dream?


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